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Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Design-A-Birthday-Cake contest!

Folks, it's Frontierville's first birthday on the 9th of June and we're offering you a chance to help them celebrate and win yourself some HORSESHOES into the bargain!

We want you to use our template below to design a birthday cake for Frontierville, you can use digital methods like Photoshop or Paint, or you can print it off, design it with crayons, pencils, paint and scan it back in whatever your artistic desires may be!

Once you've designed your cake email it to us at and they'll all be put up for voting via Likes on our Facebook Page to find out which everyone thinks is the best! (To find your Facebook Profile link check our guide HERE.)

The winner will receive 30 INN COLLECTIONS to trade in for 30 HORSESHOES! They'll also take away a complete Independence day collection for a rare Liberty Bell.

Second place will get 10 Inn Collections/Horseshoes and a Liberty Bell, third place will get 5 Inn Collections/Horseshoes and a Liberty Bell.

We'll also be doing a prize draw of ALL the entries where one lucky cake maker will walk away with 50 Dinners just for entering!

The Cake Template

To download this image click it, then right-click and select "save image" or "save image as" depending on your browser. This will make sure that you get the template FULL SIZE.

The rules:

You have until 10PM UK GMT on Monday the 6th of June to enter your image. Voting then goes on until 10PM UK GMT on Thursday the 9th of June, Frontierville's Birthday.

Voting will take place on the Frontierville Express Facebook Page and will be decided on how many likes each cake receives.

For our standard contest rules which this is being run under look HERE.

One entry per person.

The prizes are:

1st place: 30 Inn Collections to trade in for 30 Horseshoes.
2nd Place: 10 Inn Collections to trade in for 10 Horseshoes.
3rd Place: 5 Inn Collections to trade in for 5 Horseshoes.
Random Prize Draw: 50 Dinners.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes will be decided by votes/likes on our Facebook Page. The prize draw will be made using