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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

General Competition Rules

General Rules: Unless stated otherwise these rules apply to all our competions...

1) Make note of how to enter, as given by the admin. If it says to only post once and you post multiple times we deserve the right to go on a little spree with the delete button. If it says to post under a photo or status then don't make a new wall post, even if you're right it won't count. We run a Darwinian State with the contests, survival of the most observant.

2) If you feel a mistake was made then contact the admin running the contest via PM. We don't go out of our way to make mistakes but we are, after all, only human. In most cases the admin's decision will be final but if a cock up was made, we'll rectify it.

PLEASE NOTE: If at any time you block an admin and they can't see your answer that answer is voided. The admin running the contest MUST be able to see your entry.

3) Let others have a chance at the prizes. Once you've won a comp then take a step back and let some other folks play. That INCLUDES alt's, using another account you own to double your chances of winning or try to win multiple comps comes under the heading Unsportsmanlike Conduct and is enforcable from the line of scrimmage with a 15 yard penalty, oh, and a possible booting for persistent offenders. We don't ask much but playing fair is one of them.

4) The admin is NOT the prize, nor even part of the prize. We add you to send your gift and might delete after, you're not winning us as Frontier Assistants. To be honest I shouldn't have to write this but recent events have proven otherwise, go figure.

5) In the case of a contest for votes do not become THAT person. Do not pester people with undue pressure, do not post on another page as admin and if it's anonymous do not link directly to your own post/photo/dried macaroni and plasticine model of Hank. See above for the definition and penalty for Unsportsmanlike conduct.

6) NO ARGUING. With each other, with us, with Facebook or even with yourself.

(These rules are fluid and may change but will ALWAYS count for the most current contest. You play fair and we'll play fair, that means no tweaking the rules once a contest has started unless we get numerous complaints from members about a single issue, in which case the rule change will be made obvious to everyone, including why.)

Don't know how to contact an admin? Just go to our Admin's photo album here  locate the admin running the contest and look under the picture. you will see a link to that admins facebook and just send them a message from their facebook profile!