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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Frontier Jack's Trackin' Rangos...

Darnit, my homestead's been overrun by pesky lizards! Do me a favour and I might have some of them building materials for you to whip up a chicken coop! In fact I've got NINETY of each basic building supply, bricks, paint, drills, hammers and nails, to give to someone.

That'll be expandin yer coop all the way up to the biggest it can be, or even build two coops up that'll hold 50 chickens in each.Well, almost, I don't be havin' any of that new fangled chicken wire.

So, whatya need to be doing to get yer hands on the supplies?

Part 1

I need your help to track em down 'cause my eyes aint what they used to be... Take a peek at this here photygraph and see if you can tell me where all nine of those beggers be hidin'!

Click once to open the image in a larger size, then again to make sure you are seeing the full size image.

Part 2

While yer at it do an old man a favour and count all these durned lizards already in my shed willya? There all in the pic down below, so take a look as I need to be tellin' the sheriff the right number now!

Right, pop the grid references of the lizards on the homestead AND the amount of Rango's already hidin' in my shed in here...

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One of y'all who helps out will get a whole mess of building materials this weekend for helpin'!


The boring rules part:

The contest will be open until Sunday March 6th at 8pm UK GMT, 12noon Pacific, 3pm EST in the US.

All right answers will be put into a random generator and the one who's picked out will get 90 of each basic building material, bricks, drills, paint, nails and hammers, enough to fully upgrade a chicken coop or built two from scratch up to the second upgrade.

Only fully completed forms will be entered in the draw.