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Monday, 21 March 2011

The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly! (Cluedo Game)


The call has gone out across the Frontier for every detective to help solve the most heinous of crimes, the most cruel of capers, the most heartless of all heathen acts, a felony that had Detective Finkerton scratching his head and completely lost.

The theft of a poor penguin's antlers.

Just yesterday this feathery fellow was enjoying life to the fullest, spurred on by the confidence given to him by his horn-like headgear and now... now the poor guy feels naked and refuses to leave the sanctuary of his bed.

He needs YOUR help and inquiring minds to track down the nefarious culprit and find out just how they perpetrated the crime so he can be extra vigilant next time.

With the help of Finkerton he's narrowed down the choices to six suspects, six methods the theft could have been done and six places where it might have begun. Now he needs your suggestion on which is the most likely.

Make your choices from the selection to tell Finkerton and the millinery-deprived penguin who you think is the criminal, how they did it and where...

Everyone who suggests the most popular combination of all three will be placed into Finkerton's bowler and receive their reward for helping to apprehend the villain! In order to get his antlers back the Penguin has offered a full Mystery Animal Collection, three Winter Mystery Animal Crates containing his friends (he requests you don't mention this bit to Immigration Services) and, because he's something of a chef, thirty dinners made with his own fair flippers to keep you going through the day.



Stolen Key
Decoy Penguin

In the Bath
Trained Seal attack
Trading Post
School House

Send Finkerton your suspicions on the form below and he'll track down the criminal with your intuitions.

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Contest closed!

The winner will be announced on Frontierville Express

-The boring rules part-

Everyone who picks the most popular combination of suspect, weapon and location will be put into Finkerton's Hat and one will be pulled out to win the Mystery Animal collection, three Winter Animal Crates and 30 Dinners.

Only one entry per person and entries without a name and a Facebook ID or email will not be entered.

The end date will be this Sunday at 4pm UK GMT, 11am US EST, 9am US PST.