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Monday, 21 February 2011

Doc Auburn's Medical Cluedo...

Doc Auburn is looking for your help in tracking down the source of this darn Prairie Pox that's striking the homestead.

He's a bit stuck right now on what might have kicked off the whole epidemic, and although it's all treated now the last thing he wants is another outbreak...

He's hoping a second set of eyes might just help spot something he hasn't, so why not bring your own diagnosis skills along and help out?

He's narrowed down the choices to six suspects, six methods of starting the infection and six places where it might have begun.

Make your choices from the selection to tell Doc how YOU think it began... he'll be able to do some tests and find out just which one was right, and if your diagnosis was the most popular, the Doc'll put your name in his medical bag and draw out a winner who'll get a full pox busting kit; a syringe, some Peppermint Extract, 200 cloth to make into bandages and a crafting collection to help sew the bandages and make some medical gear!

Humble Bob
A Virulent Sheep
A Dodgy Batch of Home Brew
A Rotten Apple
A Roll In The Hay
Food Poisoning
Rabid Pet Groundhog
Trading Post
School House

Send the Doc your diagnosis with the form below and he'll check it out with medical records to try and pin down the start of the infection!

The winner will be announced on Frontierville Express

ENTRIES ARE CLOSED: The Winner will be announced shortly...

-The boring rules part-

The Doc trusts you all so the diagnosis with the most suggestions will be what he decides is the most likely one. So everyone who picks the most popular combination of suspect, weapon and location will be put into Doc's bag and one will be pulled out to win the Syringe, extract and 200 cloth.

Only one entry per person and entries without a name and a Facebook ID or email will not be entered.

The end date will be in 48 hours, so Wednesday at 4pm UK GMT, 11am US EST, 9am US PST.