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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Kt's Valentine Contest

So Valentines Day is upon us, and Jack Jr and Little Miss Fanny were chasing each
other through the pews when something white caught their eyes.. It was a blank envelope with something tucked inside... Jack Jr couldn't read very well but he could definitely tell by the looks of it that it was a love letter.. What did it say?

.......The suspense is killing us, please spill the beans!!

It's time to get your romantic side out. Pretend your a character in the game and write a love letter to another character in the game. You should include a love declaration to your valentine and also include some surprises, revelations, secrets and what ever twists and turn you you can think of!

By writing this letter you will have a chance to win....

  • ONE RED ROSE COLLECTION - To give to your lucky valentine
  • ONE FULL POST CARD COLLECTION - to send your valentine a reminder of how much you love them
  • 50 RIBBON - to wrap your valentines gifts
  • 52 DINNERS - to give your valentine one romantic dinner a week until next Valentines day
  • 100 CLOTH - to make your valentine fancy clothing

You may enter a letter until Friday, February 11th 11:59pm Australian Time
( 1:59pm UK time, 8:59am US Eastern Time)
Voting on your favorite entry will continue until Sunday, February 13th 11:59pm Australian Time
( 1:59pm UK time, 8:59am US Eastern Time)

Winner will be announced on Monday, Valentine's Day!