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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Show Off Your Homestead And Win!

ENTRIES CLOSED! For all the finalists click HERE.

We know we're all proud of our homesteads, we nourish them, expand them, decorate them, customise our buildings to a theme and keep the place neat and tidy from debris (unless the pesky missions want it).

So, why not use that wonderful homestead to win yourself the chance to make it even better?

On the 1st of March the biggest expansion so far, 37x37 will be launching and has a daunting list of requirements.

Well, we're holding a pretty homestead contest on Frontierville Express and want YOU to take part... for the chance to win the ultimate 37x37 expansion kit.

We've been posting about the amount of items you're going to need... so why not let us take the strain and smooth out that expansion ride?

Our prize for the winner will be either every craftable item you require for the expansion, or at the very least the items needed to craft them for yourself.

No worrying about tools, sawhorses or cloth, we'll parcel up every last bit and send it to you in one big celebratory expansion hamper!

All you need to do to enter is email a screengrab of your homestead to or place your grab on our wall at Frontierville Express before 8PM UK GMT this Friday (For our US fans that's 3pm Eastern, 12pm Pacific).

If you're not sure on how to take a screenshot, check out our guide HERE.

Once the deadline has passed we'll post all the homesteads on our page and open the voting, the homestead with the most "likes" wins the prize!

So polish your carts, brush your horses and get the kids in their Sunday best... Then let us all see just how great your homestead is!